Palazzo Bourbon del Monte

The Bourbon del Monte Palace is also located in Piazza del Pretorio, located between the Church of San Mamiliano and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Its construction dates back to 1500, based on a project by the architect Vignola. It is a very simple construction in the structure, characterized by the presence of cross vaults and an elegant portico, through which you enter the garden.

The palace was the residence of the bishop of the Bourbon family, over the centuries it changed its function many times, until it became the seat of public offices and a school.

Following a partial collapse, which occurred in the early sixties, the building was restored, also following the purchase of the building by prof Luciano Ventura which took place in 1968.

Today the Bourbon del Monte Palace houses the headquarters of the “I Sogni in Teatro” Cultural Association, as well as the theater, music and cinema shows of the “Sovana in Arte” review.