Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

This is the main sacred building in the town, located in the western part of Sovana at the end of the classic promenade that is done when visiting the village, almost separated from the town, in the area where the Etruscan acropolis probably stood.

The Cathedral of Sovana dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul is a construction of medieval origin, its origins are traced back with certainty to the 11th century, but there are documents that testify its existence as early as the 9th century, the façade is in style Gothic, a large portal with two arches where the soul of a man rising towards Heaven, a Warrior with a Sword, some Spirals, two peacocks and some flowers are depicted.

Entering from the left side you arrive inside, in the heart of the structure. The Dome is divided into three naves, houses a baptismal font dating back to 1434, and some important frescoes and paintings.

Interesting are the depictions of some biblical characters also on the capitals of the columns: Adam and Eve, Moses separating the waters of the Red Sea, Daniel among the lions and the Sacrifice of Isaac.

In the urn on the altar in the left aisle, there is “The Urn of San Mamiliano” a relic that probably belonged to the church of the same name that contains the remains of the saint. Also inside the Cathedral there is a crypt with six columns and a 15th century travertine sarcophagus.

To make this church even more fascinating is its particular astronomical orientation. On 21 June of each year, on the day of the summer solstice, the first ray of the morning sun hits the single lancet window in the apse and, crossing the entire nave, is projected onto the opposite wall, giving life to a spectacle of rare beauty; the same phenomenon is also repeated in the paleochristian crypt below. This means that the orientation of the building does not respond to the medieval rules of the Church of Rome (which wanted the apse facing east) but instead follows the canons of Nordic cultures (Celtic-Germanic and / or Lombard). On this occasion, every June 21st, a real event is organized in the Cathedral called the “Summer Solstice”, in which many onlookers await the infamous first ray of sunshine at dawn.

Standard time

-Every day 10: 00-13: 00/15: 00-sunset

-3 August / 8 September 9: 30-19.30


– Whole 2.50

– Reduced 1.00